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Material: 100% Cotton

Mass: 30×50 cm

Web kind: Front fine Corduroy / soft clutch

Design: Structural pattern / graphically

Colour: multicoloured / Back bright Bluish grey

Fastener: concealed zipper






What one should know to care:

Best of all one renounces conditioner or bleach, because this damages to the textiles. Skidding, wring, scratch and brush make the material also not nicer. From a chemical cleaning one should also refrain. Please, obey the nursing instructions of the label inside of the cushion.

With love to the design:

The undulation of the sea with the reflexion of the sunrays in it was here the inspiration. Many different blue tones and other colours appear in the not stopping waves. The soft corduroy is affectionate – as a coloured freshness lent.

With questions please a mail to us. We will answer fastest possibly.


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      Material: 100% cotton Dimensions: 40x40 cm Weave: front side cotton - velvet / back side cotton Design: structure / circles Colour: multicoloured Closure: concealed zipper (see product features below) Cushions are supplied with filling only!  
    What you should know about care:
    It is best not to use fabric softeners or bleaching agents, as this damage the textile. Slinging, wrestling, scratching and brushing don´t mage the fabric more beautiful either. You should also refrain from dry cleaning. Please follow the care instructions on the label inside the cushion.  
    With love for design:
    During a walk I discovered felled trees. The cross section of the trunk is shown here on the pillow with great structures. Nature is always a miracle and a source of inspiration. The delicate colours on the soft velvet fit into any room ambience. The soft velvet on the front is cuddly next to the vivid look and brings cosiness with it. As a counterpart, look at the CUSHION COETTE and CUSHION ESTELLE and CUSHION HÉLÈNE.
    If you have any questions, please send us an email. We will answer as soon as possible.